Saigon Underground and Sunset Cruise - Les Rives

Saigon Underground and Sunset Cruise

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This is a combination of Les Rives Cu Chi Historical Site tour by speedboat and Saigon Underground tour by motorbike. On the same day you will visit the Cu Chi Tunnels and explore the secret places of Saigon that affected resistance during the Indochina and Vietnam Wars.

Travel like a VIP and arrive hours before the large bus tour groups to the famous Cu Chi Tunnel historical site. During the tour an English-speaking guide will introduce you to life along the banks of the Saigon River as your boat gracefully slips through knots of floating water hyacinths on this scenic boat trip. Enjoy a window into traditional Mekong river life and wonderful photo opportunities.

After a short documentary, your guide will lead you through the historic Cu Chi Tunnels, dug by resourceful guerrilla fighters to provide communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters during numerous conflicts.

A traditional Vietnamese lunch of local specialties like lemongrass chicken and caramelized clay pot pork will be served after your visit to the tunnels.

When the speedboat arrives in Saigon, your motorbike driver will meet you at the pier. You will hop on the bike to explore the secret places of Saigon most of the tourist don’t even know exist. You will visit a secret printing house covered as a guitar shop and used during the Indochina war for publishing propaganda tracts in 1952 - 1957. The materials were then sent to the north of Vietnam to spread the political message there. During the Geneva Conference in 1954 the publications called on the reunification of North and South Vietnam.

After an adventurous ride, you will stop at a secret weapon cache that functioned during the Vietnam War. The owner, officially a curtain manufacturer, was supplying the arms to fight the Southern regime. The weapons were secretly transported from Cu Chi Tunnels and stored in the underground cache before being dispatched to Saigon-based resistance. During the famous Tet Offensive in 1968, weapons from this cellar were used to attack the Independence Palace.

In case one of the underground sites is not available on the day of your tour, you will visit a hospital built by French in the end of the 19th century that in fact was used as a prison from the 1930s till the end of Vietnam War in 1975.

The first General Secretary of the Communist party of Indochina, comrade Tran Phu was sent there when he got arrested in 1931 “to be cured”. Famous revolutionaries such as comrade Nguyen Van Troi were kept there during the Vietnam War.

At the end of the tour you will stop by a local coffee shop for refreshment and then will be dropped off at your hotel.

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От USD 139

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