Cu Chi Tunnels and Secret Mekong Delta - Les Rives

Cu Chi Tunnels and Secret Mekong Delta

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This new combined boat and motorbike tour will give you an opportunity to visit on the same day the famous historical site of Cu Chi Tunnels and the Secret Mekong Delta, a so called area in Ho Chi Minh City, which settings are similar to the real Mekong Delta ones.

Start the tour early at 7 am and travel by fast and comfortable Les Rives speedboat to beat the bus crowds. Observe the life on Saigon River and its banks, while enjoying a light breakfast on board. Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, a small sample of the immense network of tunnels during the US-Vietnam conflict.

Your guide will lead you through the historic Cu Chi Tunnels, dug by resourceful guerrilla fighters to provide communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters during numerous conflicts.

A traditional Vietnamese lunch of local specialties will be served before you board the boat and return to Ho Chi Minh City.

You will arrive to the city pier, where another part of the tour begins. Enjoy a welcome drink while being instructed about the coming itinerary before exploring a secret area of the city, which is similar to The Mekong Delta.

Choose your vehicle, either a motorbike or a bicycle, to ride 4 kilometres through the countryside. Together with a local farmer, visit the fields where rice, sugar can, tapioca and lotus grow. In the middle of the field you will find an altar to the lost souls, where you can light the incense sticks and do the fruit offerings.

After a walk, you will visit the farmer’s house to have some rest and enjoy a fresh coconut.

You will ride 3 more kilometers in he countryside and your motorbike driver will bring you back to the hotel by 4:30 pm.

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